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First Meow Salmon Dice Cat Treat, 40 Gm


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First Meow Salmon Dice Cat Treat, 40 Gm

First Meow is a Customized nutrition Solution For Our Furry Friends,We have Made it a Scrumptious meal With Zero Fillers and 100 % Safe .Our Endeavour is to create a healthy treats for an enriching experience

Product Detail:
First Meow Salmon Dice is a tasty dry treat for your cat and kittens. It reduces building of tartar and bad smell hence improving the overall oral health in cats.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
First Meow Tuna Dice contains fatty acid like Omega 3 and Omega 6 which helps in improving the skin barrier and thus, provide shinny fur.

Features and Benefits:
Made with good quality ingrediends. Treats helps your pet being healthy, strong and makes them active all day long. Its brings a separate bonding with pet owners.It Helps in proper digestion and absorption with zero fillers for a meal which is healthy for cats.

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Use as Treat or training reward. Treats and snacks shoud only make up 10% of a cats calorie. To get an idea of how many treats that is , ask your Vet. They can make a recommendation based on the treats your cat likes, his weight, and how active is.

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