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Farmina Vetlife Dog Obesity, 2Kg


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Farmina Vetlife Dog Obesity, 2Kg

Farmina Vetlife Dog Obesity, 2Kg

Farmina Vet Life Obesity is a complete dietetic food for adult dogs formulated to reduce excess body weight and to control the supply of glucose (diabetes mellitus).

Product Detail:
Good fiber and low calories help your dogs to reduce fat without compromising nutritional value.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Spelt, dried beetroot pulp (desaccharified), dehydrated chicken meat, oats, animal fat, dehydrated fish, linseed, hydrolysed animal proteins, fish oil, vegetable oil, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, mono-dicalcium phosphate. Carbohydrate source: spelt, oats.

Features and Benefits:
Farmina Vet Life Obesity reduces the quantity of calories consumed by your dog in order to reduce body weight.
Increased level of fiber helps to induce in your dog a feeling of satiety and to reduce appetite.
suitable for diabetic patients due to the low levels and the quality of starch and sugar sources
Prevent the reduction of muscle mass during weight loss due to Carnitine and proteins of high quality added to the product

Feeding and User Guidelines:
Provide a separate bowl of clean drinking water.

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Farmina Vetlife Dog Obesity, 2Kg


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