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Dogsee Veda Aloe Vera Foam Shampoo (150 ml)


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Dogsee Veda Aloe Vera Foam Shampoo (150 ml)

Dogsee Veda Aloe Vera Foam Shampoo (150 ml) by Dogsee is all that your itchy baby needs to feel relieved. Dogsee Veda is known for their extremely safe, effective and all natural products for your furbabies.

Product Detail:
Does your dog scratch and itch all day? Here’s the ideal shampoo to help him feel better. Dogsee Veda’s Aloe Vera – itch relief foam shampoo aids in the treatment of skin irritations in dogs. When Aloe Vera leaf is applied topically, it increases circulation, resulting in a cooling effect that reduces swelling. The Aloe Vera foam Shampoo from Dogsee Vedas aids in the healing of skin rashes. Its antibacterial properties kill harmful microorganisms, preventing infection of inflamed or irritated skin. Acemannan, a sugar found in aloe, can help pets with allergies and skin diseases. Aloe gel has also been shown to help clear up skin problems and slow yeast growth. This shampoo can help with swollen, itchy, or uncomfortable hot spots, Eczema, flaky skin, or hydrating your dog’s dry nose, as well as heat rash, sunburn, or bug bite relief. Dogsee Veda is completely free of toxins. You don’t have to be concerned about harmful chemicals harming or exacerbating your dog’s skin problems. This Aloe Vera-infused shampoo is free of parabens and sulphates. Keeping your dog away from the risk of skin allergies and cataracts is unquestionably important. A shampoo with all-natural ingredients! Plant-based ingredients such as coconut oil, Aloe Vera juice, coconut oil, and oat extract have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. They work to improve the overall health of the skin. Follow these simple steps to give your dog the best relaxing bath possible!

Apply directly onto your furbabys coat
Massage in the product and make sure it reaches all areas of the coat
Get a wet towel or some oil and wipe off the foam shampoo after a few minutes
Make sure you wipe off all the dirt as well
You may now choose to air dry or blow dry your dogs clean and fresh coat!
Once opened, store in a cool dry area until the next bath time!

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