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Captain Zack My Coat Can Gloat Conditioner 100 Gm


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Captain Zack My Coat Can Gloat Conditioner 100 Gm

The Captain Zack products comes absolutely no harmful chemicals or substances which ensures happy,shiny and well groomed pets. Captain Zack products are widely used and recommended by pet owners. Read instructions on how to use the product.

Captain Zack My Coat can Gloat is formulated with Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Cucumber Seed Oil to soothe and hydrate dry skin. It also keeps the coat healthier in between baths. For best results, apply directly to coat after bathing and drying. Recommended for bi-weekly use.

Product Detail:
Leave-in Conditioner: My Coat Can Gloat is specially formulated to provide intense conditioning to your pet s coat without rinsing off
No Harmful Chemicals : We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our paraben free products are devoid of harsh chemicals. The last thing you want is your pet s skin to be irritated by the very pet care product that was supposed to condition and pamper him or her.
Moisturizes and Conditions: Good conditioning is the secret to a healthy fur coat and moisturized skin. Not only will your pet look and feel better, but a well-balanced skin and coat will be more resistant to parasites, infections, and diseases
Natural Actives/Essential Oils: My Coat Can Gloat, is carefully packed with natural botanical actives of Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Cucumber Seed Oil to give a smooth, healthy and glossy coat.

Ingredients and Nutritions:
Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Cucumber Seed Oil

Features and Benefits:
Shea Butter
Key Benefits:
Moisturizes dry skin
Soothes itchy skin
Boosts shine

Jojoba Oil
Key Benefits:
Natural fungicide
Canine aromatherapy
Heals skin

Cucumber Seed Oil
Key Benefits:
Hydrates skin
Adds fragrance

Feeding and User Guidelines:
1. Squeeze a dollop in your hand and spread it and and massage in
2. Massage it lightly
3. Gently wipe to remove dirt, grime and oil. Dry with a soft and absorbent towel
4. Simply brush, comb or blow dry
5. Do not rinse

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