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Canine Rubber Stick Toy


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Canine Rubber Stick Toy


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This is a great squeaky dog Toys! Made of tough TPR material. TPR materials are not indestructible as nylon materials, so if it is an aggressive Chewers please supervise your pet while playing. However, TPR material is softer than nylon and can better protect your dog’s teeth when chewing. Also because the TPR surface has a little stickiness – not as smooth as nylon, it can help to better clean the tartar. Your puppy will love this toy! Note: Please use the toy under normal conditions. Please remove all packaging material before usage. Please clean this toy periodically and keep it dry. If pets consume tiny bits of material, It will safely pass through the digestive system. This is a perfect addition to any dog’s toy box, that loves to fetch and play about This toy is made from Thermoplastic rubber and is designed to withstand small but powerful jaws Features a ridged surface acting as a great way to clean teeth and massage/soothe gums Features and keeps your dog’s tail wagging This toy is made to last even with everyday use. The soundless Toy hardly loosened by chewing, moreover, this has a textured pattern and chewable strings making this your dog’s favorite toy

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