Meat Up Cat Food Review

We are glad that our reviews have been helpful for a lot of cat parents to make the right choices for their fur babies. It is only because of our love for cats and your response that we have yet another edition, this time it is about Meat Up Cat Food. Like always, you will be able to find all your answers in this blog: Is Meat Up cat food good for your cat? Do vets recommend Meat Up? What is the consumer response regarding Meat up cat food? 

Let’s proceed to answer each one of them individually.

About Meat Up

IB Group started its core poultry business in the city of Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, in 1985. It began as a manufacturing and supplying business that catered to poultry feed, dairy products, refined oils, pet food, and aqua feed. Later in 1998, the company was incorporated in ABIS Exports Pvt. Ltd. and has been growing since then as one of the leading pet food brands in Central India.

Is Meat Up actually good for cats?

Meat-Up is probably one of the best because of the quality of its rich ingredients, digestive support, high protein content, and enhanced physical performance. Meat-up food guarantees that your cats have:

  1. Protection against hairball
  2. Healthy skin and lustrous coat
  3. Taurine is in their food for a healthy heart
  4. Balanced urinary pH

All these benefits are provided by all varieties offered by Meat-Up. You can say that it is a pretty high standard that Meat-Up cat food has been set as their benchmark. 

Some commonly used ingredients:

Animal-based sources of protein comprise the majority of the food. Besides that, whole grain cereals, soy refined oils, wheat flour, vitamins (Vit A, Vit E, Vit B1, Vit B2, Vit B6, Vit B12, choline, niacin, folic acid), minerals (zinc, iron, copper, selenium, manganese), prebiotics and probiotics.

Clearly, Meat-up cat food seems to incorporate just the right ingredients. There are no artificial condiments as per the ingredients listed by the brand. No food flavouring or colouring agents as well. Overall, it does appear to be good for your cats.

Is Meat Up a good brand?

The whole idea behind Meat Up foods is to provide wholesome wellness, better performance, and enhanced endurance. Meat-Up cat food is a complete package of taste and nutrition. The food meets all nutritional requirements of cats as carnivores. 

Manufacturing practices

The whole manufacturing process adheres to quality protocols and controls. It is ensured that each food packet contains all the nutrients and is delivered as it is. 

The production plant is loaded with the latest machinery, an R&D centre, and a team of professionals to validate the production. The team comprises a technically qualified and diligent workforce of animal nutritionists and veterinarians. Besides, there is a whole separate network of logistics that makes sure that Meat-Up cat food is not too hard on your pockets. 

Summing it up, Meat-Up takes care that all safety guidelines are followed morally and justifiably. 

Do vets recommend Meat Up?

Based on the ingredients and how they are cooked, the particular cat food is 100% safe for consumption. There are some elements (like soy and cereals) about which there is always ambiguity. These have been a part of the debate for a long time now because no concrete health benefits(or hazards) have been observed. Some suggest that soy should be avoided, while others give it a free pass. 

All in all, nothing too frisky to pass Meat-Up on. Vets will probably just guide you about how and how much of it to feed. 

Has Meat Up cat food been recalled?

There have not been any reported recalls of Meat-Up cat food that we could find. Safe to say, it is recall-free until now.

What do customers think of Meat Up cat food?

Customers have had a mixed view about Meat-Up cat foods. There have been instances where cats suffered from severe diarrhoea after consumption. It could be due to trying a different food as before, but that is something we cannot know. A few cat parents wrote that the food reeks and the cats would not go closer after sniffing it. 

“It smells pretty bad. Cats may be hesitant at first”, people wrote.

“After eating Whiskas, my cats were hesitant to try this but they started eating because they were hungry, I assume.”

Some people quoted that even the dry kibble seemed to be a bit oily and secreted the same after some time of being stored. This is not a common thing that happens to dry cat foods. So, this is something to note.

On the other hand, some cats love the texture and how the kibble is appropriately sized. 

Some positive reviews…

Being kitten food, the grains are small so that less than 1-year cats can chew it comfortably. It is also slightly oily for some good reason as all my kittens like it well.”

“Go for it if you are looking only to save money.”

As much as you can take away from the customer experiences, your experience with Meat-Up food will solely depend on how your cat perceives and adapts to it. 

How much does Meat Up cat food cost?

Meat-Up is an economical cat food brand. It will surely make you spend much lesser than its competitors like Whiskas. Besides, Meat-up comes up with frequent discount schemes and offers like the buy one get one free. On average, you can avail of dry Meat-Up cat food for around Rs20/100g. The kibble is made available in packages of 1.2kg and a bundle of 2 or more. If you are looking for wet food pouches, they come in packs of 6, each of it weighing 70g. This pack will cost you Rs300. Even these bundles are made available on the buy one get one scheme.


Is Meat Up wet cat food good?

Based on ingredients and macro nutritional distribution, Meat-Up cat food does seem to be worth a try. It has a sufficient amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids to aid in your cats’ long-term well being.

What is the healthiest cat food brand?

Besides Meat-Up, Farmina cat food is another brand that performs well. Its cat food options are extremely palatable and healthy. All-natural ingredients are used to make the products allergen-free. No food colouring agents or preservatives are used.

Is Meat Up good for my kitten?

Meat-Up has a separate collection for kittens. The nutritional needs of kittens vary from those of adult cats. Keeping this in mind, it is necessary to opt for cat food that caters to kittens individually.  Besides, kittens require more aid in improving immunity and defences against allergens. 


Meat-up seems to offer a decent cat food range. All the varieties offer protection against hairball, support the functioning of the heart, offer a good amount of protein, and have a balanced urinary pH. Besides, it surpasses all nutritional requirements of a cat. The only drawback is that it contains corn gluten meal and soy products. These are not considered to be healthy and should be avoided if possible. However, there have been negligible to zero instances where cats have suffered allergies or issues due to these being present in MEAT-UP cat food. Those few that happened, could be because of cats being shifted immediately to a whole new brand.