How to groom your pet at home

Grooming is crucial for the health and happiness of your pet. We, humans, groom ourselves to make ourselves feel better. However, in the case of pets, grooming is much more concerned with their health, and therefore being a pet owner, you need to maintain their grooming schedule. Grooming begins at home and with a simple schedule, you can turn grooming sessions into bonding sessions. Here are a few ways you can have inexpensive grooming care for your pets. 

1. Brush their hair

Brushing your pet is much like a hair-combing activity. Regularly brush their hair with a wide comb. It will help penetrate the natural oils and remove the dirt from their skin. This shall help in giving them healthy coat which is rid of dead and dry skin. Once in a while, use slicker brushes to remove dead undercoats and mats that cannot be cleaned with a regular bristle brush. Check this slicker brush from Waago. It comes with 1 button retractable bristle that makes your pet hair silky, smooth, and healthy. Brushing your pet could turn into a fun canoodling session by bringing your pet into the mood. 

2. Brush their teeth

Just like humans, pets can face oral health problems if their teeth aren’t cleaned. An unbearable breath could be a sign of an oral health problem and must get checked by the vet. Get your pet comfortable by massaging their lips with your fingers. Now, use a gentle toothbrush and dog paste to massage their teeth. Use slow circular motions to clean the teeth and avoid being harsh. This Nunbell 3-piece dental hygiene care can be a perfect addition to your dog vanity. It comes with a soft bristle dual-end brush, toothpaste, and a finger toothbrush. It’s shaped appropriately for your pets to have a good experience. Make it a habit for your pets to regularly get their teeth cleaned. This habit shall prevent many diseases. 

3. Trim their nails

When the pet nails start making a clicking sound on the ground, they need a nail trim. If you can do the trimming on your own, get nail trimmers and scissors made specifically for your pet. They are gentle and help you avoid harsh cuts. Always cut the nail tip from top to bottom with a slight angle. You can either hold their paw firmly or get them comfortably seated on your lap while you trim their nails. In case of a cut or bleeding, immediately use styptic powder. Contact the vet if the bleeding continues. 

However, if you think this would be a difficult task, book at-home grooming services from My Petz. Expert pet groomers would come to your place and offer the much-needed luxurious relaxing grooming service to your pets. 

4. Bath your pet

This may seem the most arduous and dreadful task. But bathing your pet is much more important for your hygiene than theirs.  Vets recommend bath 15 days once. Plugging ears with cotton while giving them bath. Ear cleaning and eye cleaning are also equally important. In a large tub, fill lukewarm water. Now, completely wet your pet and avoid the areas like eyes, nose, and ears. Use pet shampoos to gently massage the solution into their skin and hair. Give it a proper rinse and if required use a pet conditioner to soften its tames. Use a damp cloth to wipe their mouths. 

Check out this Hug and Wag shed control shampoo. It’s formulated especially for dogs and helps control hair fall. 

Use a large towel to pat them dry by squeezing out extra water. Pat the towel instead of wriggling them to dry. 


Once in a while, even our pet deserves special grooming. Indulge them in luxury by booking pet grooming services for them. Our grooming expert will step to your doorstep to offer a hassle-free grooming experience. Simply book the services and time slot that suits you and we shall take care of the rest. Book the grooming services here


Take care of these aspects and your pet will always look well-groomed and healthy. Create a schedule now and start with pet grooming.