Bonding with your furry friend is one of the most fulfilling experiences for a pet owner. We love our pets like family and trying to spend one extra moment with them means the whole world to us. However, one might find it challenging to bring exciting bonding activities to the table. 

Apart from the usual walk and playdate, we bring you a list of fun activities to perform with your pets. After all, the spark seems lost if we don’t add the spice. Explore the fun pet activities to do in India and use an opportunity to strengthen bonds with your furry friends. 


1. Pet-Friendly Cafe

A not-so-newbie concept, pet cafes are finding enormous popularity in India. The ambiance offers a relaxing atmosphere for pets and pet parents to chill and bond together. Such cafes usually boast outdoor seating for you to relax. The idea is to let pets be free in a relaxing atmosphere and make them comfortable. 

Order your favorite coffee and something scrumptious for your pet friends from pet-friendly menus. Bond with them in play areas and just enjoy the memories you get to create. 


2. Hiking bond

Great bonds are created in the spirit of adventure. With myriads of luxury natural landscapes to explore, India offers the perfect choice of destinations for your next hike and travel. Depending on your fitness level choose a leisurely or challenging hike to bond with your pet buddies. 

Before leaving for a hike, pack ample food, water, and medication to ensure a safe hiking trip for your pet buddies. Clean up after them on a hike to preserve the natural environment. 


3. Beach Vacation

Pets and their love for water bodies is not a secret. Moreover, has a beach vacation ever harmed any fun-going adventurous human? Pick gorgeous beaches from the extensive coastlines in India. Look out for pet-friendly beaches and double-check the rules and regulations. Certain beaches have dog-friendly zones that allow your paw friends to enjoy their time on the beach without a leash. 

Also, don’t forget to hydrate yourself and your pet on a beach vacation. 


4. Attend a Pet-Friendly Event

Pet events are real and actually fun. It’s fun to get along with other pet owners and give your pets playdates. Various organizations and pet centers plan dog shows, adoption drives, socializing events, and much more for pet owners in India. Keep on checking the list in your city and do attend the events that seem interesting to you. 

If nothing, you would just find one more reason to spend time with your pet. 


5. Road Trip

Be it humans or pets, road trips can not entice. Channel your inner adventurist and get on a road trip with your pet. Why travel alone when you can travel with your pet? Embark on many of India’s scenic roadway trips and trust us you would come back with memories of a lifetime. 

Ensure checking for pet-friendly accommodations along the way. ( We can link our blog here. The ultimate guide to traveling with your pet in India. If we are doing this should be the line. Planning a trip with your friend? This guide will answer all your questions)


6. Try a New Activity

Pets turn receptive to repetitive tasks. They need change and learning a new activity together could spice things up. Did you know there are tons of activities ranging from agility training to swimming that you could learn with your pets? Explore new options with your other pet buddies and create memories that will last longer than your breath. 


7. Create a DIY Project

A DIY for your pet will help you pour all that extra love into something beautiful and enchanting. Youtube has made it easier for anyone to learn anything in minutes. Make pet-friendly toys, customized pet beds, a painting, a treat, or anything that your pet would enjoy. Doing Art for your loved ones is a love language. And your pet needs a little pat of love now and then. 



Bonding exercises can be fun and beyond regular walks. Use this guide as a help book to start creating bonding moments with your fur friends. After all, pets are the members you chose for your family.